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Iraqi Hezbollah Blasts US Envoy’s “Unreal” Remarks

Al-Nujaba Movement, one of the Iraqi popular forces, lashed out at US Charge de Affairs to Baghdad Joey Hood for his "unreal" remarks, warning that he is after provoking the public opinion in Iraq.

Hood had in a recent interview with the Iraqi TV claimed that the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) is annually spending a huge amount of money to support the Iraqi popular forces, including al-Nujaba.

Al-Nujaba in a statement rejected the allegations, saying that Hood is “actually after provoking the public opinion and questioning al-Nujaba’s nationalism”.

The statement underscored that relations between al-Nujaba and the IRGC are not linked to financial issues.

The Al-Nujaba movement along with other Iraqi popular forces have effectively helped the government to fight against the terrorist groups in the country.

They have also played a role in eradicating the terrorist cells stationed at the common borders between Iraq and Syria in cooperation with the Syrian army.

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