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Iraqi MP Discloses Turkey, Qatar, S. Arabia’s Plots against Baghdad

A senior Iraqi legislator warned against the plots hatched by Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia against his country, and called on his fellow citizens to be vigilant about such attempts.

Speaking to the Iraqi news website, al-Masalah, on Monday, Ezzat al-Shabandar called on the Iraqi government and the country’s national political forces to be vigilant about a big plot paving its way to Iraq from the Turkish and Saudi borders.

Al-Shabandar also lashed out at Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, saying that Erdogan should not think that Iraq is the backyard of his armed forces because Iraqis can protect themselves well.

Erdogan, who acts in line with the US and Saudi interests in Syria, is trying to make Baghdad change its stance on Damascus through exerting pressures on the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and making provocative statements in this regard.

Yesterday, Erdogan told the media that he travels to the US not only for Syria, but also because he has Iraq on his agenda.

Earlier this year, Maliki stressed that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are trying to carry out a Syria-like plot against Iraq in a bid to topple the country’s government by sending terrorists to the country.

“Qatar and Saudi Arabia which are meddling to topple the Syrian government are now doing the same meddling to topple the Iraqi regime. Their goal is overthrowing the Iraqi ruling system and not overthrowing me,” Maliki said in an interview with the Lebanese-based al-Mayadeen satellite network at the time.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia, two undemocratic monarchies which ironically call for democracy in Syria help the terrorists in the country financially and logistically.

Also earlier this year, another senior Iraqi legislator said that Saudi Arabia and Qatar have failed in their efforts to stir sectarian strife in Iraq and Syria.

“Saudi Arabia and Qatar have failed in (implementing) their intrigue which was aimed at stirring a strife among various tribes in Iraq and Syria,” the Arabic Alsumaria news agency quoted Iraq’s National Alliance MP Mohammad al-Sayhood as saying at the time.

He said that Riyadh and Doha intended to exercise the seditious plot in Syria after their failed to implement it in Iraq.

Al-Sayhood reiterated that the plot was masterminded by Israel and staged by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, adding that the same regional Arab states armed the Syrian opposition in pursuit of the same divisive plot in Syria.

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