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Iraqi Officials Vow to Reconstruct Tikrit Soon


Now that the city of Tikrit is liberated, the aim is to bring back life to the city, and prepare it for the return of citizens to their homes. Some of the houses were damaged due to the clashes which took place between Iraqi forces backed by volunteer forces and ISIL terrorists. This is because the terrorist group was taking the houses as hideouts. A large number of the houses is still untouched and is in good condition. Press TV camera roamed the city streets to check on the condition of houses and stores.

Most of the stores were robbed by ISIL terrorists, especially those which sold electronic devices and cell phones. ISIL used those devices in explosives.

Iraqi Interior Minister Mohammed Ghaban also assured that liberation of Tikrit was not the end. But the return of the displaced families to their homes is what Iraqi officials are focusing on now.

Those houses are untouched, ready for citizens to come back to the city. Iraqi forces are still trying to get rid of the explosive devices, planted in some of the houses and on road sides.
Media outlets are accusing the popular mobilization of burning houses in Albu Ajil and Tikrit. Asaeb Ahl Al-Haq denied the allegations and said that some media outlets are serving ISIL agendas in Iraq and are trying to create sedition in the country.

Officials made sure that after dismantling all explosive devices the essential services will be restored to the city and displaced citizens will return.

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