Iraqi president submits resignation after rejecting nominee for prime minister

Iraqi President Barham Salih has submitted his resignation to parliament after refusing to designate the nominee for premiership, Assad al-Eidani, arguing that he would rather step down than appoint the position to a figure strongly rejected by protesters.

Salih handed his resignation to the Council of Representatives of Iraq on Thursday, saying since the constitution of the Arab country did not give him the right to reject a nomination, he would rather resign than pick a new premier rejected by demonstrators.

“I apologize for nominating Assad al-Eidani for the role of prime minister,” he wrote in his letter to parliament, adding, “I prefer to resign than to nominate another candidate and this is for the interest of the public.”

Salih stressed that the protest movement made it imperative that politicians look at the interests of the public over personal or political considerations.

“It is better for me to resign rather than to assign an individual that is objected by the protesters to form a government,” he added.

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