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Iraqi Security Force: US Providing Arms, Ammunition for ISIL at Border with Syria

The US forces are providing the ISIL terrorists with weapons and military hardware at Iraq’s Western border with Syria, a member of the Iraqi Parliament’s Security and Defense Commission said on Sunday, adding that Baghdad is resolved to cancel strategic agreement with Washington.

Al-Ma’aloumeh news website quoted Karim Aliowi as reporting that the US’ claims about guarding Iraq’s border with Syria is shier lies, adding that American troops are providing ISIL with arms, munition and military intelligence.

The website went on to say that US is behind insecurities along Iraq’s border with Syria to justify its forces’ presence in Iraq.

Washington intends to weaken security in Iraq in line with its aims, the Iraqi member of Parliament told the news website, adding that restoration of full security in Iraq will hurt the US’ interests in the Middle East.

The Iraqi Parliaments’ Security and Defense Commission intends to cancel an strategic agreement with the US to expel all foreign forces that are stirring tensions in the border regions with Syria, the Iraqi MP told al-Ma’aloumeh, adding that the US-led coalition is providing support for the terrorists and is funneling them deep into Iraq.

On Thursday, a commander of Hashd al-Shaabi (Iraqi popular forces) in al-Anbar province revealed that the US military forces were spying on them at bordering areas with Syria, warning that the popular forces would take action if they trace any threat to their nation.

Al-Ma’aloumeh news website quoted Qassem Moslih, the Iraqi popular forces’ commander in Western al-Anbar, as saying that the US forces flew different types of planes over the Iraq-Syria bordering areas, spying on Hashd al-Shaabi.

He added that 20,000 Hashd al-Shaabi forces were deployed near the border with Syria from al-Qa’em to the Southern Iraq near Jordan, stressing that they are prepared to confront any threats against the country.

The US military has widened its buildup in bordering areas between Iraq and Syria, Iraqi sources said in September.

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