Iraqi security forces enter Hit’s district center



According to military sources, Iraqi security force have liberated the industrial area and a gas plant in Hit. There is almost no resistance from Daesh’s side, and the morale is very low.

Iraqi warplanes bombarded Daesh hideouts in Hit, before entering it, leaving the Daesh militants trapped in Hit, with very low morale, according to the Iraqi Minister of Defense, Al-Obaidi. Iraqi security forces are focused on Hit, a city that has fallen in the hands of Daesh in 2014. Hit is known for its strategical outlook, because it connects to Haditha.

Hit is known for many pro-government Sunni Arab tribes, after the fall of the city, Daesh executed hundreds of members of the Albu Nimr tribe, a pro-government tribe which is well known in the Sunni part of Iraq.

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