IRGC Air Force commander threatens to ‘level Haifa and Tel Aviv’ if Iran is attacked

The commander of the Air Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Ali Hajizadeh, said on Saturday that “all the missile capabilities of Gaza and Lebanon have been supported by Iran, and they are the front line for confrontation.”

Hajizadeh said during an interview with Al-Manar TV: “We teach the Resistance Front to make fishing rods, instead of providing fish, and Lebanon and Gaza possess the technology to manufacture missiles,” noting that “the capabilities of the resistance axis are no longer what they were ten years ago. Today, the Palestinians fire rockets instead of throwing stones. ”

He said that “there is an intersection of fire in the sky of Israel, between Syria, Lebanon and Palestine,” stressing that “the Palestinians today possess the technology to manufacture precision missiles.”

The Iranian Air Force commander then directed a threat towards Israel: “We have a general order from the guide, Ali Khamenei, to level Haifa and Tel Aviv to the ground, in case any foolishness is committed against Iran, and we have worked over the past years to be able to do so,” noting that Tehran supports “any party that stands in the face of Israel.”

He continued, “The Arab countries will be the most affected by any war with Iran,” explaining that “there will be no difference between the American bases and the countries that host them in any war against Iran.”

The Air Force Commander added that “keeping Iran’s missile range up to 2,000 kilometers will not be forever, Our missile capabilities are not negotiable, and no one has the right to ask Tehran for that.”

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