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IRGC announces birth of ‘new power’ amid war game

A high-ranking IRGC commander says the combination of different capabilities with artificial intelligence has led to the creation of new military power for Iran.

Speaking on the sideline of Payambar-e Azam 15 (The Great Prophet 15) military drill, that kicked off Friday in central Iranian deserts, IRGC Aerospace Force Commander Brigadier General Amirali Hajizadeh pointed to the achievements of the force in the drill.  

The first stage of the drill was a simulator for attacking the enemy’s strengths and defensive lines, he said, adding that this stage was carried out using a combination of drones and missiles.

First, drone units attacked the defensive systems of the hypothetical enemy, and then, ballistic missiles destroyed the main assets and sections of the enemy’s base, the Brigadier General said.

The tactic used in this war game is the result of experiences earned from operations and drills carried out in previous years, he said.

Missiles used in this stage of the drill are a new generation of ballistic missiles equipped with detachable warheads and low RCS, he noted, adding that the time span for preparing these missiles has been decreased by 90%. “These missiles are operational and can be launched in less than five minutes after being established.”

Attacking the enemy from all directions and altitudes, hampering defense of the enemy, infiltrating into the air defense of the enemy using detachable warheads, and using equipment designed and produced by domestic experts are among features of this drill, he said, adding, “By a combination of these new capabilities with drone operation and using the artificial intelligence, a new power was born in IRGC.”

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