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IRGC arrests British spy network in Kerman Province

Iran's Islamic Republic Guard Corps (IRGC) intelligence unit announced on Sunday the dismantling of a team of rioters in the Kerman Province who were linked with the United Kingdom.

In a statement, the public relations of Tharallah IRGC Base in Kerman province in southeast Iran confirmed that a group of rioters who were linked with the UK’s intelligence services was identified and arrested.

“An organized network called Zagros which was directed by elements from the UK and formed a team of active anti-revolutionary elements inside and outside the country to lead plots to topple the government, especially during the recent riots, was identified and dealt a heavy blow in an operation,” the IRGC statement read.

According to the IRGC, seven key elements of the team were arrested by the intelligence forces, and their technical and communicative means with the UK’s intelligence services were cut.

The statement added that among the detained were double nationals who were trying to escape outside the country.

It concluded that a search and investigation to pursue the rest of the network’s members is underway.

On Thursday, Iran’s Intelligence Ministry reported that it has disbanded four operative teams affiliated with the Israeli Mossad that were plotting terrorist strikes in various locations of the nation.

It is noteworthy that the Iranian Foreign Ministry had summoned the UK Ambassador to Iran, Simon Shercliff, over UK officials’ hostile rhetoric toward Iran and in protest of London’s support of violent demonstrations in the country.

Iranian leader Sayyed Ali Khamenei and other high-ranking Iranian officials have considered that the recent riots that the country has witnessed are incited by Western countries who are angered at Iran’s progress despite the unprecedented sanctions.

Tehran’s Security Minister Esmail Khatib said last November that it became clear in the recent events that the Israeli occupation was responsible for implementation, the UK media was responsible for sponsoring, and Saudi Arabia was responsible for financial support.

On his part, Iranian Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi revealed in mid-November that the leaders of the recent riots in Iran received training in seven countries.

In late October, the Iranian Intelligence Ministry and the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps’ intelligence wing revealed that intelligence obtained by Tehran indicates that the CIA and allied intelligence services planned a conspiracy in Iran against the Islamic Republic.

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