IRGC Cmdr. says Iran can hit enemy targets worldwide

IRGC Cmdr. says Iran can hit enemy targets worldwide

A senior commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has vowed the force’s military capability of targeting enemy strategic interests across the globe in case the nation comes under any sort of aggressive action.

“We can target the crucial interests of the enemy at any location in the world if it harbors any ill intention,” said Deputy IRGC Commander Brigadier General Hossein Salami during an address before thousands of Tehran’s Friday prayer worshippers.

Iran’s air defense can destroy the enemy’s aircraft at any altitude and the country’s drones are equipped with state-of-the-art operational capability, he added.

“We have accumulated and built up so much power that even if all of the enemy’s options unfold at the same time, it will bring them (enemies) nothing but defeat and disappointment,” the general underlined.

The remarks came in reaction to recent aggressive rhetoric by US President Barack Obama against Tehran.

In a commencement address at the US Military Academy on Wednesday, Obama said there is an opportunity to resolve disputes over Iran’s nuclear energy program but reiterated that Washington reserves “all options” against Iran, alluding to military action.

The Iranian commander also called on the Iranian nuclear negotiators to steadfastly uphold the Iranian nation’s rights in the course of the ongoing talks with the P5+1.

Iran and the six world powers have been discussing ways to iron out differences and start drafting a final deal that would end the West’s dispute with Iran over the country’s nuclear energy program.

Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri has also warned that any US act of aggression against Iran will sound the death knell for Israel and see war engulfing the United States.

The top Iranian commander compared Obama’s remarks to “unattainable childish dreams.”

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