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IRGC Navy Unveils New Missile City

The naval force of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps has unveiled a new missile city.

In a ceremony on Monday attended by IRCG commander Major General Hussein Salami, IRGC Navy commander Rear Admiral Tangsiri, and a host of ranking military commanders a new missile city was unveiled.

The base is equipped with different systems and cruise and ballistic missiles that have different ranges.

The new systems and equipment make IRGC Navy capable of launching precision missiles from underground, launching naval mines with different ranges, firing at 360-degree, confronting electronic warfare, and increasing the range and destruction power in operations.

All the mentioned systems have been produced by Iranian experts at the Ministry of Defense, knowledge-based companies, and research centers of the IRGC.

One of the newly unveiled missile systems has the capability of changing the target after the launch of the missile.

“Today, part of our missile power that offers superiority in the battlefield and has been developed by domestic experts and capabilities enter the operational section of the IRGC Navy,” Brigadier General Tangsiri said in the ceremony.

The process of making IRGC Navy ‘stronger’ will continue, he said, warning enemies that they will receive a “deadly blow” in case of any aggression against Iran.

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