IRGC Official: US Using Democracy to Change Regimes

IRGC Official
The US is using democracy as a tool to exercise its regime change plans in different countries, but the US strategy has backfired in the Middle-East, the Iranian Supreme Leader’s representative at the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Ali Saeedi said.

“In essence, the US strategy is changing regimes through democracy and Americans have implemented this strategy in Ukraine, the former Soviet Union and Georgia,” Saeedi told FNA.

He stated that Americans intended to exercise the same strategy in the Middle-East but to no avail, as the results of elections in the Middle-East were against what the US desired.

Saeedi further pointed to elections results in Egypt which led to the victory of Islamist groups, and said, “Nonetheless, the US still insists on pursuing the same experience.”

Islamist parties have been experiencing a chain of victories in the post-revolution elections held in several regional countries since the start of 2011.

In Tunisia, the once-banned Islamist party, the Al-Nahda, won majority in the country’s first free elections.

In Egypt, Ikhwan Al-Muslimun (Muslim Brotherhood)’s Freedom and Justice Party won majority in nationwide elections.

Analysts believe that the victory of Islamists in various Middle-East countries has caused deep worries in Washington, and the White House is working on different plans to redirect the path of revolutions in these countries to bring pro-western politicians to power.

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