IRGC units competing for deployment to Syria


The commander-in-chief of the IRGC has said in 2001 the US had plans to directly invade Iran after it found footholds in Afghanistan.

Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari who was speaking in a funeral ceremony of IRGC soldiers and commanders killed during advisory missions in Syria (also popularly known as ‘the Defenders of the Shrine’) on the IRGC Ground Forces Headquarters on Saturday, said that the general defensive capabilities of the people and heroic acts pushed the possibilities of any threat and direct attack by the US; “the coalition occupiers of Afghanistan waged unsuccessful attempts to destabilize the borders with an objective of creating insecurity for our country; now, we are in a new and different chapter of the Revolution; those threats now have been deployed farther beyond our immediate borders, which is a direct effect of Revolutionary sentiments sweeping the region and promotion of Resistance front,” Jafari told the ceremony.
“After Islamic Awakening, the conspiracies and the enemies expanded suddenly to meet the new wave of resistance; the enemies came to the fact that classic armies could not face the Islamic resistance, and channeled their forces towards Islam’s own capacities to divide the whole Middle East, including Wahabism and Salafism,” emphasized Jafari, “ISIL is the direct heir to this conspiracy and the illegitimate child of the malignant espousal of western plots.”

“Today, Islamic Revolution faces directly the front of US and its ideology; they would not however directly face us from their farther lands; rather, they use mercenaries and proxies to bolster the internal disputes within Islam; today, we have a blessed event of unity brought to Islam by these conflicts in Iraq and Syria, which has sympathies with Iran as well,” said the commander, predicting that the Islamic Revolution would go its way through difficulties and advance toward its objectives.

He also hailed bravery and preparedness of IRGC forces and highlighted their enthusiasm for devoting their lives for Islam in which ‘they compete for deployment to Syria’ to participate in advisory missions in the country.

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