ISIL Horrific Nightmare; “Abu Azrael” or Angel of Death for ISIL

Watch ISIS Horrific Nightmare; “Abu Azrael” or Angel of Death for ISIS

As ISIL battles a joint military assault by Iraqi forces and militias kwon as Popular Mobilization for the city of Tikrit, Iraqis elsewhere have set their hopes on the burly shoulders of a man they’ve dubbed the Angel of Death.

Abu Azrael, as he is known, is purported to be a legendary commander of the Imam Ali Brigade, a Shiite fighter groyp which have big rile in Tikrit operation. He has become a cult figure with Iraqi social media users creating tribute Facebook pages to him and circulating images of Abu Azrael holding axes, waving swords, and ….

Although his real identify remains unclear, local reports claim he’s worked as a university lecturer.
He became so famous that his image came on the cover of foreign magazines. Tikrit is Saddam’s hometown and it has a great strategic and emotional importance for the country’s Sunni minority. Some local reports that the Iraqi and Shia forces have already seized large areas of the city.

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