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ISIS terrorists attempt to break out of large prison in northeast Syria

ISIL terrorists in a prison inside northeastern Syria have attempted to breakout for the second time in two months, local reports said on Sunday.

According to the reports, ISIS prisoners at the Ghuweiran Prison (also known as Industrial Prison) reportedly rioted and attempted to breakout of this industrial district of Hasakah city.

There are some conflicting reports at this time, with some claiming that the Islamic State terrorists have broken out of the prison, while others saying that the breakout has been foiled by the guards.

The Ghuweiran Prison is currently under the control of U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF); they previously sent reinforcements to the facility to recapture the ISIS terrorists that broke out of the prison in March.

This prison is also home to the largest amount of Islamic State terrorists in all of Syria, as most of these militants surrendered to the Syrian Democratic Forces over the last three years.

Source: AMN

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