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Islamic Awakening: People will prevail over puppet Al Khalifa monarchy in Bahrian

bahrainprotests_aBHYM_19672 (1)A political analyst tells Press TV that the Bahraini people will continue to fight peacefully and freedom and democracy will shine in Bahrain one day and the monarchy will go away.

The comments came after wsestern and Saudi-backed Bahraini regime forces attacked protesters in the capital, Manama, who had taken to the streets to respond to a call by opposition groups to rally in the city. Bahraini police forces used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the angry protesters, as they chanted slogans against the Al Khalifa regime.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Kamel Wazne, political commentator, to further discuss the issue. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Where will the line be drawn for the Al Khalifas to stop the crackdown, and to listen to the legitimate demands of the Bahraini protesters and Bahraini people?

Wazne: Well I think the message is very clear from the demonstrators that they wanted a country that is democratic, that is free with a free election.

When the Khalifa family understand the message, when the monarchy understands the message, is basically they have to wait for the orders to come from Saudi Arabia and from the United States.

At this point I think the orders have not come at this point and the demonstrations are going on because the people cannot go back and surrender to the crackdown that is imposed by the government.

I think the people have legitimate right to voice their causes. They wanted a country that is free to live in and to participate in government and it is time for the monarchy to let the people live and participate in a government that everyone can live freely without any prejudice.

At this point I do not see that the monarchy is caving in but the pressure is very high and they know very well that the people in the end will prevail.

Press TV: Mr. Wazne, if you may please give us your thoughts on the continued silence of Western countries namely the UK and the United States ?

Wazne: Well obviously you have to take into consideration that the Fifth Fleet is the military base of the United States, for that it is actually supporting the monarchy and supporting the crackdown and the UK is actually in alliance with the United States. So you do not expect very much from those two countries.

I think the world has been silent on the issue of Bahrain and the people of Bahrain who has come under great suffering and imprisonment and that is by the monarchy and the government of Bahrain and I think that these two entities, the United States and the UK, should be ashamed of themselves because they are supporting a dictatorship in Bahrain that does not live up to the expectation of their own people aspiration.

I think the aspiration of the Bahraini people will continue to fight this peaceful continuation for their struggle and their freedom and democracy will shine in Bahrain one day and the monarchy will go away.

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