Islamic Iran Navy’s 24th fleet docks in China

f8589656bccfa7d3b8649cafc1ded451_LAn Iranian commander says the 24th fleet of Iran’s Navy, currently sailing through international waters, has docked at China’s port city of Zhangjiagang.

According to Press TV, Iran’s Navy Deputy Commander Rear Admiral Siavash Jarreh said on Monday the 24th fleet of the Navy, comprising Sabalan destroyer and Kharg helicopter carrier, docked in China’s Zhangjiagang port on Monday after sailing 13,000 kilometers in 40 days.
He added the flotilla of warships, which left Iran’s southern Bandar Abbas on January 20, conveys Iran’s message of peace and friendship to China and other East Asian countries.
He noted during its voyage, the Iranian warships successfully intercepted 1,180 trade and tanker ships and monitored more than 120 military units using optical and electronic devices.
The commander emphasized that the presence of Iran’s Navy in international waters is in accordance with international regulations.
The Iranian commander further said a USS destroyer registered under hull number DDG106 came across Iran Navy’s 24th fleet at the Strait of Malacca and asked for permission to approach it.
Jarreh added “Due to foul weather, the presence of the 24th fleet of Iran Navy at the Malacca Strait and the west of the Pacific Ocean surprised the US destroyer.”

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