Islamic Iran rejects Great Satan US virtual embassy idea

The US decision to launch a virtual embassy for Iran shows the country has faced a diplomatic entanglement, the IRI Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said Thursday.

The Majlis Speaker was pointing to US State Secretary Hilary Clinton’s Wednesday remarks.

“Her remarks should not be taken serious,” Larijani added.

He said the US democrats suffer from internal problems such as economic and elections problems and the Zionist regime has become isolated by the regional nations’ uprisings, so the Zionist lobby tries to escape from the situation through such wrong stances.

The senior Iranian lawmaker pointed to Clinton’s remarks for creation of tensions in Iran and said, “If she waits for an upheaval in Iran, she should know that the regional uprisings have been inspired by the Islamic Revolution of Iran.”

Mr. Larijani said if the American officials think they could create problems for Iranians they are wrong.

“Such remarks would further unity among Iranians,” Larijani reiterated.

The Majlis legislator said the American officials should change their behaviors toward Iranian nation and avoid making mistakes.

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