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Islamic Republic of Iran renews call for int’l disarmament

Permanent IRI Ambassador to IAEA Ali-Asqar Soltaniyeh renewed IRI’s call for an international nuclear disarmament under the NPT treaty.

Soltaniyeh was speaking at a meeting of the preliminary session of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Revision Conference Wednesday.

“If the NPT would be fully implemented it can affect the international peace and security very positively,” he said.

“The history of proliferation of nuclear arms was clicked with the production, testing and usage of such weapons by the United States during the course of the World War II, leading to a chain reaction of their greater production and stockpiling in other countries,” he added.

Referring to numerous cases of breach of the articles of NPT by nuclear armed United States, France, and Britain, Soltaniyeh said, “Stationing of hundreds of tactical US nuclear missiles in the soil of the European Union countries is an obvious breach of the NPT articles.”

He also criticized the export control regimes applied by some western countries beyond the NPT agreements, aimed at creating extra limitations in nuclear technology transfer.

“Cooperation of these export control groups with the non-NPT members that hold active nuclear arms programs is another obvious breach of the NPT treaty and the agreements reached at the NPT revision conferences,” he said.

Soltaniyeh seriously criticized the nuclear cooperation of the United States and some European countries, such as France and Britain, with usurper ‘Israel’, adding that such cooperation is in serious breach of those countries’ commitments under the NPT articles.

Referring to the leak of confidential information from the IAEA Secretariat Office, Soltaniyeh warned, “Such a process can endanger the national security of the member countries, as well as the persons and scientists who have cooperation with the IAEA inspectors.

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