Islamic Revolution is greatest contemporary uprising.” Lebanese cleric



Ayatollah Afif Nablosi, Friday prayer leader of Sidon in Lebanon, in his weekly sermon expressed congratulations for the anniversary of victory of Islamic Revolution in Iran calling the incident as the greatest contemporary revolution which led to revival of Islam, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He said,” Islamic Revolution led to prevalence of security in the Islamic country of Iran.” and hailing freedom and independence as the valuable achievements of the revolution.

Lebanese scholar also noted,” Throughout the past four decades and in the light of the Islamic revolution, Iran has turned into a mighty country in the region with insight and determination as the basic principles for its nation.”

Ayatollah Nablosi stressed,” Oppressors are in constant scare of resistance by the people and handover of the Islamic Revolution experience to regional nations has been a constant nightmare for oppressive rulers in the region.”

He added,” We, Lebanese people, have been one of the first countries which made the best from this experience and achieved victory over the Zionist regime of Israel with cooperation of our Iranian brothers.”

Top scholar concluded with details on likelihood of interference by Saudi regime in Syria and said,” Saudi regime which is harassed in Yemeni quagmire intends to involve in a direct confrontation with Syrian government. Saudi government should know that Syria and other regional countries will be safely protected against US intrigues carried out by Saudi Arabia.”

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