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Islamic unity is based on respecting different denominations

n00148157-bA Saudi thinker stressed avoiding religious prejudices saying Islamic unity is based on respecting differences between denominations.

Sheikh Mohammad al Mahfouz, Muslim thinker from Saudi Arabia, urged Muslims to value peace and coexistence and avoid violating each other’s rights, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He said to stress a particular denomination is in contrast with Islamic unity and noted,” It is against objectives of unity to stress for intermingling of different denominations; therefore, each denomination should expand its ideologies based on respecting other Islamic schools of thought.”

He also stressed necessity of launching civil institutions that comprises all Islamic denominations and said,” Muslims have to maintain their differences in Fiq’h and ideologies and also found a just institution that includes all groups in a country.”

He added,” This is a solution to uproot disagreement among Muslims when the majority cannot be the superior denomination.”

Al Mahfouz also underlined necessity of avoiding desecration of sanctities of other denominations and demanded Saudi government to pass a law to sentence those who desecrate sanctities of other Islamic denominations or sectarian and religious groups.”

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