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Israel behind US demands on Iran


Israel is behind Washington’s excessive demands over Iran’s nuclear energy program, “making it impossible to reach an agreement,” an American journalist says.

“The United States is obviously moving the goal post, making it impossible to reach an agreement by insisting that inspectors must have access to military facilities in Iran that have nothing to do with its nuclear energy program,” said James Henry Fetzer, editor at Veterans Today.

This suggests that Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has his hands in the latest US demands on Iran, Fetzer told Press TV on Wednesday.

“This would have the effect of creating a legalized spying program, a program of legal espionage on Iran that could only benefit its enemies,” he added.

The retired professor in Madison, Wisconsin emphasized that “Iran is a peaceful nation that hasn’t attacked any other country for over 300 years.”

As Iran and the six world powers are about to hold a fresh round of nuclear talks, some experts have noted that excessive demands put forth by the US during the talks, including unlimited access to Iran’s military sites, will finally lead the negotiations to failure.

According to the latest reports, the United States, in its most recent negotiations with Tehran, has called for extensive inspection of Iran’s military sites, which have nothing to do with the country’s nuclear program, Press TV has learned.

Based on new information, in addition to Iran’s uranium enrichment issue which remains a bone of contention between Tehran and the six world powers, the two sides are also in discord over the degree of transparency that should be exercised by Iran regarding its nuclear program.

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