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Israel bent on sabotaging US peace with Iran

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Press TV has conducted an interview with E. Michael Jones, Editor of Culture Wars online magazine, Indiana about the issue of the European Union, which has renewed illegal unilateral sanctions against Iranian companies less than one months after the historic signed nuclear deal was made with the P5+1 powers in Geneva, which promised to alleviate sanctions on the country.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: This recent move by the EU is not in the spirit of the confidence building measures that Iran is looking for from the other side in light of this recent deal, wouldn’t you agree?

Jones: Yes I would agree. Yes. I think that what you’re seeing here is a new situation. The agreement is the beginning and not the end. It is a beginning of a long struggle over whether the deal is going to go forward.

During the negotiations we had President Hollande of France doing the work of the Israel lobby trying to subvert the agreement – It didn’t work.

Senator Schumer now after the agreement as well as Lindsey Graham have announced that as soon as they get back to Washington they’re going to do everything within their power to make sure that the agreement doesn’t go into effect.

So, if this is the case I don’t see why some bureaucrat at the EU wouldn’t be also susceptible to the same kind of pressure.

Press TV: So, you would say moves such as this one that we’ve just spoken about only play into the hands of the Zionist agenda?

Jones: I think the Zionists are behind it. Yes I think that’s true. They’re doing everything within their power to thwart an agreement with Iran.

And I think what you see here is you want to look at a positive side of this, I think what they’re saying here is that they could not appeal the decision.

In other words I think the European court is on the side of the Iranian companies. They lifted the sanctions on two banks. I think they would lift the sanctions and the European bureaucrats who passed this are admitting they would lose their appeal so they’re going to change the whole format so that they don’t have to appeal. So I think that’s a positive side of this latest development.

Press TV: How do you see this playing out? Do you see the same forces that basically sat down at the negotiating table and hammered out this deal, supported this deal, prevailing in the long run because as you’ve just said this is only a first step?

Jones: Right. That’s a big question. I don’t know.

Over here in the United States after the agreement got agreed upon all the news reports, the first person they’re quoting is Benjamin Netanyahu who says it’s a bad deal, it’s a historical mistake.

So this just shows you the power of the forces in this country who don’t want this deal to succeed. And so what we’re going to have is a struggle.

The whole Obama Care thing is playing into the hands of the Israel lobby – They’re magnifying the problems with Obama Care as a way of weakening the administration and keeping it from pursuing this path towards peace I think.

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