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‘Israel funds MKO; MKO funds US politicians’

A senior political analyst says numerous prominent US political figures are receiving “substantial fees” from the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) that is in turn funded by Israel.

“One of the most under-reported political stories of the last year is the devoted advocacy of numerous prominent American political figures on behalf of an Iranian group long formally designated as a Terrorist organization under US law,” Glenn Greenwald wrote on on Friday.

Greenwald went on to highlight US hypocrisy in prosecuting numerous Muslims inside the US for providing “material support for terrorism” and for doing “far less than” these American politicians are publicly doing on behalf of a designated terrorist group.

The United States has prosecuted and passed heavy sentences on its citizens for crimes such as selling satellite packages including a Hezbollah TV channel, posting pro-jihadist material on the Internet, uploading a five-minute video to YouTube that was highly critical of US actions in the Muslim world, among many others.

Greenwald added that the US “bipartisan cast” has been receiving “substantial fees” from MKO terrorists to become their “passionate defenders.”

The Christian Science Monitor reported last August that former US four-star generals, intelligence chiefs, governors, and political heavyweights had been paid “tens of thousands of dollars” to call for the US government to take the MKO off the terror list.

Another report by NBC News last Thursday, shed light on the financial status of the MKO by citing two “senior US officials” as saying that the group “is financed, trained and armed by Israel’s secret service,” confirming that it was this terrorist cell which was involved in the string of the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists.

The senior officials also admitted that “the Obama administration is aware of the assassination campaign” but claims it “has no direct involvement.”

Iran has long insisted the Israel and the US are using the MKO to carry out terrorist attacks on its soil, including the murder of its scientists.

Greenwald concluded by asking, “If this report (NBC) is true, is this not definitive proof that Israel is, by definition, a so-called state sponsor of terrorism?”

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