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Israel lobby trying to ‘sabotage’ Iran-US nuclear talks: James Petras

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Having failed to convince Washington to launch a military strike against Iran, Israel lobby in the US is now focusing its efforts to “sabotage” the nuclear talks between Tehran and the world powers, an American professor says.

“In the face of that problem of not being able to mobilize the United States to go to war with Iran, they’re focusing on strangling the economy,” James Petras, Bartle Professor (Emeritus) of Sociology at Binghamton University, New York, told Press TV on Wednesday.

He was referring to reports that the US Senate is ratcheting up pressure on the White House to tighten sanctions against Iran in line with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s demand for more pressure against Tehran.

On Monday, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Robert Menendez (D-NJ) said that the Senate aims to cut Iran’s current oil exports to 500,000 barrels per day.

“This is not the time to loosen sanctions,” Menendez said during a meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in New York.

“The Israeli government has very close relations with its proxies in the United States, essentially the principal Zionist organizations, who are very heavily funded and have financed the electoral campaigns and provided direct contributions totaling over 100 million dollars over the last 30 years and actually have financed 230 politicians in the US Congress and over 50 senators,” Petras said.

“So they have bought the US Congress,” he added.

The professor said that new sanctions against Iran would sabotage nuclear talks between Tehran and the six world powers.

Iran held nuclear talks with the United States, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany in Geneva earlier this month. The two sides are set to meet again in Geneva on November 7-8.

“Obama realizes that passing and implementing these resolutions would sabotage the negotiations in the peace process,” Petras said, but he added that “there is no really powerful lobby at this time that has the money and resources that the Zionists have.”

“For the last several years, the Zionist organizations in the United States, AIPAC and I would say at least 52 Jewish Zionist organizations have been active in trying to undermine the Iranian government and strangle its economy,” he noted.

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