Israel must go solo to strike Iran: Zionist Yaalon

355237_Moshe-YaalonZionist regime minister for military affairs says Tel Aviv must go it alone in taking action against Iran over its nuclear energy program.

“We had thought the ones who should lead the campaign against Iran is the United States,” Moshe Yaalon said during an event at Tel Aviv University on Tuesday.

“But at some stage the United States entered into negotiations with them, and unhappily, when it comes to negotiating at a Persian bazaar, the Iranians are better,” he added.

Echoing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s threats of unilateral military action against Iran, Yaalon said the US is not going to do anything to stop Tehran’s nuclear activities and Israel must act alone.

Pointing to the crisis in Ukraine as an example, Yaalon further criticized US President Barack Obama for “showing weakness”.

Iran is in talks with the five permanent members of the UN Security Council — Russia, China, France, the UK and the US — plus Germany to fully resolve the decade-old dispute over Tehran’s nuclear energy program.

The two sides inked an interim nuclear deal in Geneva, Switzerland, on November 24, 2013. The Geneva deal took effect on January 20. The two sides are now in pursuit of a final comprehensive deal.

Netanyahu, whose regime is believed to be the only possessor of nuclear arms in the Middle East, has denounced the deal as a “historic mistake”.

Israel reportedly maintains between 200 and 400 atomic warheads.

Furthermore, the Israeli regime has never allowed any inspection of its nuclear facilities and continues to defy international calls to join the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

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