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Israel to enforce fascist law

The Israeli ministers have endorsed a bill which obliges non-Semitic people to promise loyalty to Israel as “a Jewish and democratic state.”

The proposal, condemned by an Israeli minister as “fascist,” was approved 22-8 on Sunday, AFP reported, citing a statement by the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

If accepted by Knesset (the Israeli parliament), it would make the oath imperative on the non-Jewry, who wish to become an Israeli citizen.

Earlier in the day, Israeli Social Affairs Minister Isaac Herzog said the bill carried a “whiff of fascism.”

Israel fabricated its existence in 1948 during the Six-Day War against the Arab world, forcing 711,000 Palestinians to leave their homeland. Estimates made in 2008 put the number of the refugees at over 4.6 million.

In 1967, Tel Aviv went on to annex the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and East al-Quds (Jerusalem).

The move is considered illegal under international laws.

Unlike all democracies, Israel does not have a written constitution, nor does it have a bill of rights.

In his book Israel, let’s talk about it Belgian journalist and author, Michel Collon has raised the shortcoming, saying it defies the Western media’s designation of Israel as the only “democracy” in the Middle East and the “government of law.”

What is referred to as Israeli “laws,” Collon has protested, describes Israel as a “country” for Jews, where non-Jew citizens are not considered human.

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