Israel to expropriate Palestinian Bedouins’ land for landfill



Israel has approved a plan to expropriate the privately owned land of Palestinian Bedouin communities in East al-Quds (Jerusalem) to set up a landfill.

The facility for construction waste will require the eviction of 120 Bedouin families and expropriation of 50 hectares of Palestinian land.

The plan, which was approved by the Jerusalem planning and building committee, calls for the site to be set up in an area most of which is privately owned by Palestinians.

The land will be filled with thousands of tons of construction waste.

The Israeli authorities have been going on with the plan of forced evacuation against the Palestinian Bedouins since 1949.

Tel Aviv has so far refused to recognize the rights of the Bedouins and denies them access to basic services.

In September 2014, the UN urged the international community to block Israeli plans to relocate the Bedouins from the occupied West Bank.

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