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‘Israel’ Trembling in Light of Nuclear Talks Resumption: Iran Will Obtain Nuke in Few Weeks

As the nuclear talks between Iran and the world powers (P4+1) have been resumed in Vienna, the Zionist circles expressed deep concerns about the outcomes of the negotiations.

The Israeli PM, Naftali Bennett, and a number of ministers in the enemy’s cabinet voiced their worries, considering that Iran will act victoriously in the new round of negotiations.

Zionist experts considered that the Israel’s options in face of the nuclear talks, adding that the military choice would be futile.

The Vienna talks on the removal of sanctions against Iran have started in the Austrian capital on Monday.

The talks between Tehran and the remaining participants to the Iranian nuclear deal known as the JCPOA with the aim of the removal of the illegitimate sanctions against Tehran has started in Vienna’s Coburg Hotel.

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