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‘Israel using Gaza as guinea pig for missile testing’

Hamas Political Bureau Chief Khaled Meshaal has underscored the movement’s commitment to fighting Israel, saying the Zionist regime is using Gaza as a “guinea pig” for testing its missile capabilities.

“We will naturally continue our fight against Israel in political, diplomatic and media fields. We will try to get the greatest support possible from the world,” Meshaal said in an interview with Turkey’s Anatolia news agency on Sunday.

Meshaal asserted that Palestinian missiles are fired only after Israeli attacks on the strip and in self-defense.

Israel has launched a fresh round of airstrikes on Gaza since March 9, killing more than 25 Palestinians, including children and women, and wounding dozens of others.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blatantly said last week that the Tel Aviv regime will continue airstrikes against Gaza “as long as necessary.”

Israel imposed a deadly war on the Gaza Strip in December 2008-January 2009. More than 1,400 Palestinians were killed in the conflict.

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