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Israel will not succeed in polishing its image

MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular anti siege committee, on Monday said that Israel will not succeed in polishing its image as long as the siege and colonialist activity in the occupied Palestinian land continued.

He said in a press release that Israel should first grant the Palestinian people their full rights before embarking on an international campaign that would not bring about any change in its ugly image that was unmasked before the world in the last war on Gaza.

Welcoming an American campaign to counter the Israeli propaganda, he advocated anti occupation campaigns that would counter any attempt to forge the facts on the ground at illusionary pretexts.

The world should know that the Israeli war and siege on Gaza had left disastrous consequences that are aggravating daily especially in the health sector, the lawmaker underlined.

Khudari proposed expanding the campaigns against occupation to include in addition to marches and rallies imposing boycott of and filing lawsuits against Israel.

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