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Israeli Army Suicide Rates Continues to Rise

Israeli official sources have declared on Wednesday 7th of July that the number of IOF soldiers who commit suicide is again in the rise after a decline of tens of percentage points during recent years which followed the army’s implementation of various programs to fight suicide within its ranks.

Ynet Israeli news website mentioned today that During the first half of 2010, 19 soldiers put an end to their own lives compared to 21 in the whole of 2009. At the beginning of the decade the IOF reported 30 suicides in one year and in 2005 there were 35 cases of suicide.

Interested analysts justified this phenomena for the military stress practiced on Israeli soldiers who refuse the military service in Israeli army.

Expert Psychologists said that suicide among Israeli soldiers increases dramatically due to psychological distress and some other reasons including the financial and economical situations in Israel.

Ynet continued saying:In the years 2007-2009, there was a decline in the number of suicides, no more than 24 in one year, which makes the recent rise even more concerning.

Moreover, many Israeli soldiers who fought in Gaza during Israeli war on Gaza are still suffering from sever psychological diseases due to powerful resistance of Palestinians in Gaza.

Another main reason for committing suicide by Israeli soldiers is the only choice he has when being sent to war in Gaza or Lebanon which is one of the following fates: to return dead , fall in captivity or suffer permanent disability.

The Israeli news Ynet website continues :In the years 2007-2009, there was a decline in the number of suicides, no more than 24 in one year, which makes the recent rise even more concerning.

Military sources of Israeli occupation said to Ynet that extensive investigations in the past had revealed that most cases of suicide in the army were not connected to military service.

This dishonest investigation reflects the dilemma of Israeli leaders towards such phenomena which is spreading very fast among soldiers.

Israeli leaders ignore the fact that they send those teenager soldiers to a losing war whether in Gaza or in Lebanon.

Number of suicides among Israeli soldiers shows that they are forced to serve in army.

No doubt that new generation of Israeli soldiers is a defeated one possessing no principles to fight for.

This means that Israeli soldier does not feel close to a foreign land he does deserve.

Again, Thomas Helen, the former head of American journalists in the white house representing the tongue of truth that all world knows when she answered the Jewish rabbi called “David” :”Jews do not belong in Israel and they should get the hell out of Palestine .”

This is the main reason behind Israeli soldiers’ suicides that Israeli leaders should recognize in front of their teenager soldiers who trained forcibly to kill.

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