“Israeli” Army Web Page: Hizbullah Governs…. Can Strike US Everywhere

hizb1It is Hizbullah’s nightmare that irritates the “Israeli” military institution on more than one level.

7 years on the “Israeli” July aggression against Lebanon and its resistance, the echoes of the “Israeli” sounding defeat in face of Hizbullah still occupies the “Israeli” army.

This time, let us take a look at the “Israeli” army’s official internet site.
On its new page, the “Israeli” army devoted a remarkable part to Hizbullah.
There on the top right of the army’s page, the “Israeli army” chose not to boast about its capabilities and arms.
However, the page’s web designers chose a big black icon to connect their visitor to the supposed coverage of the Zionist entity’s main enemy: Hizbullah.
Once you click the icon, here’s what you get:

hizb1 (1)

A page fully talking about Hizbullah, but cheap in artistics and taste.

To start with, the “Israeli” army spared no effort to warn against the so-called Hizbullah’s threat.
In its classified report about the resistance party, the page chose a well prepared info-graph to tackle the supposed Hizbullah “dangers”.
In this context, “Israel” chose to create a bunch of lies based on very slight aspects of the truth.

On top of these was the most terrorizing fact to “Israel”: Hizbullah’s missiles can reach every part of “Israel”.
Moreover, the “Israeli” army spared no effort to convince its web readers with the lies linking the Lebanese resistance movement with “terrorism”.
10 supposed investigative reports were written to provide the visitor with the Zionist entity’s image regarding Hizbullah: militarily, religiously, financially, and on the media level.

However, all the “Israeli” army’s intelligence fell into the trap of Hizbullah’s Facebook page.

In an attempt to distort the Lebanese resistance image, the “Israeli” army raised the question: if Hizbullah had a Facebook profile, what would it look like?
And here was the surprise, the “Israeli” army isn’t fully aware of the resistance media.

In addition to al-Manar TV channel OLD logo, the army supposedly listed that of al-Nour radio station. One Flagrant mistake though, instead of presenting al-Nour’s logo, the “Israeli” army put the logo of al-Nour Egypt Salafist party.
Moving to the content, “Israeli” army webpage revealed the entity’s fatal concerns.

“Hizbullah’s upgraded stockpile can strike at any of “Israel’s” civilian centers, including its southernmost city of Eilat,” it said, and noted that “thousands of missiles can strike targets within 40 kilometers, placing “Israel’s” northern region at risk of a devastating attack.”

Under, the title “7 Years Later, Hizbullah Has Developed Capabilities to Strike Anywhere in “Israel”,” the “Israeli” army claimed on its page that “Hizbullah has tripled the size of its missile arsenal.”
It further recalled that former US Secretary of War Robert Gates commented that Hizbullah “has more missiles than most governments in the world.”
“Israeli” officials have expressed similar concerns, citing intelligence analysis that points to the rapid growth of Hizbullah’s stockpile.

In 2009, an “Israeli” intelligence report added that “Hizbullah had built almost 1,000 military facilities throughout Southern Lebanon. The installations included more than 550 weapons bunkers and 300 underground facilities.”
“Hizbullah’s weapons are capable of causing far more substantial damage than its 2006 arsenal. With its current abilities, Hizbullah is capable of bombarding “Israel” with continuous, precise attacks over an extended period of time.”

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