Israeli forces come under attack along Lebanese border: Al-Jadeed

A powerful explosion was heard along the Occupied Palestine-Lebanese border on Saturday morning, with reports saying that the blast took place inside a border town under the control of the zionist Israeli regime Forces.

Al-Mayadeen TV reported that “a bomb exploded during an Israeli patrol at dawn today, in the occupied side of the border town of Al-Adaisah”.

Meanwhile, Al-Jadeed TV indicated that, “An explosion occurred at dawn today at the Lebanese border on the occupied side opposite the town of Al-Adaisah – Marjayoun district, with an Israeli enemy patrol that crossed the technical fence, during a combing operation in Al-Harj below the site of the Maskafam military settlement.”

It also said that “the explosion was caused by an explosive device, and it caused casualties among the enemy soldiers.”

Al-Jadeed reported, quoting its correspondent, that “he heard the screams of the soldiers before the enemy’s ambulances arrived in the area, while the patrol retreated to one of its military sites.”

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