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Israeli Media Highlights Recent Speech of Hezbollah Leader: Nasrallah Warning ‘Israel’ against Infringement on Al-Quds Sanctities

The Israeli media followed up the recent speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Nasrallah on the Resistance and Liberation Day, highlighting its key points.

The Zionist analysts underlined Sayyed Nasrallah’s threat against any Zionist infringement on the religious sanctities in Al-Quds City, calling for taking his warning of a regional war in a very serious way.

“Nasrallah warned Israeli against any miscalculation in dealing with Lebanon and stressed that the balance of deterrence is still controlling the rules of engagement on the borders,” one of the Zionist correspondents said.

The Israeli media also shed light on Hezbollah leader’s assertion that the response to the Israeli crime of killing the martyr Mohammad Tahhan on border is certain in the context of the Resistance pledge to defend Lebanon and all the Lebanese.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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