’Israeli’ Ministers Conflict Over Success of Gaza Operation: Ya’alon Touts Victory, Lieberman Skeptical

h.sharifi20120305104037847“Israeli” Minister Moshe Ya’alon said on Friday that the Zionist operation in seized Gaza ended with so-called military and diplomatic victory for “Israel,” while Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman was more skeptical about the operation’s success. while expressing bothersome over Hamas’ endurance.

In an interview on Zionist Channel 2, Ya’alon touted that, “In military terms, the victory is clear. In every confrontation that the “Israel” [War] Forces was in, it defeated the other side.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with Channel 1, Lieberman expressed doubts over the success of the operation on seized Gaza, admitting the fact that Hamas’ endurance for 50 days bothers him.

Asked whether “Israel” won the conflict, Lieberman said: “The fact that this question is being asked is not a good sign. When the outcome is clear, it isn’t usually asked.”
“The fact that a 20,000-strong “terror” group has endured for 50 days against the strongest army in the Middle East and has stayed in power – it bothers me very much.”

Ya’alon also discussed tensions in the cabinet during so-called “Operation Protective Edge” on seized Gaza: “I am not proud of the conduct of the cabinet, and I hope the ministers that for the first time are experiencing the responsibility of the cabinet will learn lessons from this. I don’t remember a cabinet like this, and I have been in cabinets for 20 years,” he said.

Some of the ministers said one thing in security cabinet meetings, and something else to the press, he added.

“You sit in a room, and things come up and people express themselves, and in the end outside they do politics.” He described this as “really inappropriate,” and reiterated that he hopes the newer members of the cabinet learn their lesson.

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