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Israeli plans to destroy the Aqsa Mosque

Palestinian MP Sameera Al-Halaika of Hamas’s parliamentary bloc in the PLC has warned Friday that the Israeli schemes to destroy the Aqsa Mosque were in their final stages, adding that the Arab and Muslim silence sends the wrong message to the IOA.

She also deplored the “state of death” that engulfs the Arab and Muslim world and the clear indifference they demonstrated towards the holy Muslim shrine, explaining that the organized Israeli ethnic cleansing program of the Arab and Muslim presence in the occupied city of Jerusalem was going on unopposed and reached the final stages.

In this regard, the legislator called on the Arab and Muslim nations and officials to end their inexplicable silence and urged them to sincerely stand beside their Muslim and Arab brothers in occupied Jerusalem who, according to Halaika, face monstrous cancer that works day and night to diminish the Palestinian presence in the city either through demolishing their homes or through confiscating and canceling of their residency IDs among other illegal practices with the aim to change the demography of the city in favor of the Jews.

Halaika’s remarks came after the Aqsa foundation for heritage and endowment exposed new Israeli excavations, including two tunnels and two elevators near the western part of the Mosque in order to link Al-Magharba gate with Al-Buraq plaza, and to make storming the Mosque an easy job.

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