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Israel’s existence will only be achieved through Disarming the Resistance

Lebanese Sports and Youth Caretaker Minister, Ali Abdallah, did not express surprise regarding the campaign launched against the resistance arms in a rather concrete and exclusive way.

He stressed that the main goal for “Israel” revolves around the “Israeli” security and stability, and which will not be achieved unless by disarming the resistance.

This comes after the “Israeli” humiliating withdrawal in 2000 from South Lebanon, the issuance of resolution 1559, PM Rafiq Hariri’s assassination, the July 2006 war defeat, in addition to what “Israel” is waiting for; the indictment issuance.

Minister Abdallah addressed all the Lebanese parties, saying “The resistance arms were left for us by the martyrs as a trust to take care of, and by Sayyed Moussa As-Sader and the country, and we should not abandon them even if all the world’s nations gathered against us”.

Sports and Youth Minister praised the youth revolutions against sectarianism, and against the sectarian quota system working under the name of “political sectarianism”. He called for standing side by side in order to form a popular and official lobby to cancel the aforementioned political sectarianism.

Minister Abdallah said that now it is time to “cure this wound of in the body of the country”, hoping that Sayyed Moussa As-Sader would return with his friends to his home; the country in which he established the first Lebanese resistance troops.

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