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Jaafari: Unjust to Limit Relation between Syria and Lebanon to Economic Crisis

In a talk show on Tuesday, Jaafari said that Syria throughout years offered Lebanon aids, noting that Damascus still provides Lebanon with electricity.

“Many Syrians were martyred as they were defending Lebanon,” Jaafari said.

He stressed that it is unjust to limit the relation between Lebanon and Syria by the current dollar crisis.

“All know that both Lebanese and Syrians have deposit accounts in foreign currency. And we are not exaggerating when we say that Syrians lost millions of dollars due to the Lebanese economic crisis.”

“Money really disappeared in the Lebanese banks. Syria wins and lose as Lebanon wins and lose, since the two countries have many common factors on the level of geography and culture.”

The Syrian diplomat also pointed to the military cooperation between the two countries, noting that there are Lebanese officers who are studying in the military academies in Syria.

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