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Jordan’s Abdullah Meeting with Mossad Officials



Jordan’s King Abdullah met with the Zionist intelligence agency – Mossad in Amman to discuss Russian military intervention in Syria, according to a report released Friday by the news site Middle East Eye.

The site said that the report is based on an account that was witnessed by MEE of a January 11 conversation between American Congress members and the Jordanian king during his visit to Washington – the report comes after  midair confrontation took place over the southern Syrian border between Russian fighters and Zionist and Jordanian F-16s, Middle East Eye revealed.

The report did not mention the date of the meeting between Abdullah and the head of Jewish intelligence agency.

“We saw the Russians fly down, but they were met with Israeli and Jordanian F-16s, both together in Israeli and Jordanian airspace,” Middle East Eye quoted Abdullah as saying.

According to the report, the incident initiated trilateral de-escalation maneuvers between Jordan, the Zionist entity and Russia with the Zionists asking King Jordan to speak  requesting him to get in touch with the Russians. Prior to extending communication to Moscow, Abdullah met with the Mossad chief in the Jordanian capital.

“We discussed an idea on how to keep the Russians in their place,” the king reportedly told the US politicians.

Abdullah said that Jordan and Russia then agreed on a natural border: ”We told Russia that we want to liquidate Nusra,” he said in reference to the al-Qaeda affiliate group in Syria. “Russia asked that we give them their positions to hit them, but we refused so we don’t give them a reason to hit the FSA [Free Syria Army] there.”

It is noted that the new Mossad chief Yossi Cohen took office in early January, therefore it was not clear whether he was the Zionist intelligence head present in the reported meeting with the Jordanian king or his predecessor Tamir Pardo.

The occupation entity and Jordan maintain close security ties, and a few months ago aircraft from the air forces of both countries flew together in a joint maneuver held in the United States.

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