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Jordan’s Prince Hamzah pledges allegiance to King Abdullah II

Prince Hamzah, the half-brother of Jordan’s King Abdullah II who is accused of plotting to oust the monarch, has apparently pledged allegiance to the king after mediation by the royal family.

Two days after he was placed under house arrest and accused of trying to destabilize the country, Prince Hamzah has signed a letter in which he placed himself at the king’s disposal.

He has signed the letter after a meeting on Monday with Prince Hassan, the king’s uncle, and other princes, the royal court said.

“I place myself in the hands of his majesty the king… I will remain committed to the constitution of the dear Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan,” Prince Hamzah said in the letter released by the palace.

An earlier royal palace tweet said the king had entrusted Prince Hassan, also a former crown prince, to take charge of the matter and that Prince Hamzah had agreed to family mediation over the affair.

On Saturday, the military warned Prince Hamzah over actions it said were undermining “security and stability” in Jordan, and he later said he was under house arrest. Several high-profile figures were also detained.

On Sunday, Prince Hamzah was accused of liaising with people who had contacts with foreign parties in a plot to destabilize Jordan, an important ally of the United States, and that he had been under investigation for some time.

The half-brother of King Abdullah and former heir to the throne said in a voice recording released by Jordan’s opposition that he would not comply after being barred from any activity and told to keep quiet.

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