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Judiciary chief says Iran foundations are strong

As Iran prepares for the Persian New Year, the Judiciary chief said Sunday the events of the past year, which ends March 21st, have made the Islamic Republic stronger than before.

Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani said although the year was “bittersweet,” its events had paved the ground for the foundation of the revolution, the Iranian Labor News Agency reported.

“Although the harsh post-vote events lacerated the public’s emotion, the active and conscious presence of the people foiled the [anti-Iran] plots,” he said in an allusion to the unrest that followed the presidential election in June.

Iran says Western powers, particularly the UK, were responsible for the unrest. The West, however, denies any involvement in the events that claimed the lives of a dozen civilians.

Ayatollah Larijani also expressed hope that the next year would be filled with success and public satisfaction.

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