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Jumblatt: Americans behind Campaign against Resistance Arms

Head of the National Struggle Front MP Walid Jumblatt expressed resentment over the deteriorating situation in the country as “There is no government yet, and while an escalating March 14 incitement takes place without having any key solution to the situation.”
He considered that these forces (March 14) and the caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri lead an internal strife to a serious vertical rip that targets an entire sect.

In an interview with Al-Akhbar newspaper, Jumblatt assured that Saad Hariri is nothing like his father, adding “Rafik Hariri was a special and exceptional model; he was a person you can talk to. Nothing brings me and Rafik Hariri together except his memory; he was the generous and giving man, the nationalist and patient in dialogue and was never in disconnection with Hizbullah or Syria.”
Jumblatt further said “No reasons justify the delay of government formation,” assuring that “Syria has no role in the delay, and neither does Michel Aoun -like Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah assured- also, that dialogue is open with Syria.”

Jumblatt noted that the Secretary General of the Future movement Ahmad Hariri joined the instigation campaign as he started to address “The Arms of Treachery”. The National Struggle Front leader said that the Americans are behind all what has been happening, stressing that they impeded the Syrian-Saudi settlement and that they use March 14 to raise stances against the resistance arms through the indictment. “This while we have been focusing during the past period on containing the negative repercussions of the indictment,” Jumblatt added.

In the same context, Jumblatt went on to say that the March 14 forces no longer differentiates between the misuse of arms on the domestic level and the arms that “we all discussed within the context of a strategic defense plan in Lebanon to confront the “Israeli” enemy.

“Yes, I was among those who instigated against the (resistance) arms, but what should not have happened is that Hariri brought 1400 people from Akkar to Beirut at the time (in reference to the 7 May incidents). On their turn, the other team knew what was being prepared against them and dragged them into strife, justifying what they (March 8) did,” Jumblatt ended.

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