Large amounts of weapons confiscated in al-Khalidia of Homs

The Breaking News correspondent stressed that the Syrian Army units were able to mop-up Masahra town of al-Qunaitera countryside, adding that dozens of insurgents have been killed, as their arms have been confiscated.

In Edlib, the correspondent of Breaking News said that the Syrian Army clashed with armed rebels in Sarja village of Jabal al-Zawieh, what resulted in 20 deaths upon the insurgents, including the leaders Omar Issa al-Sheikh and Ahmad Haj Harraq, called as Seif al-Islam

Our reporter in Deir al-Zour said that terrorists blasted two pipes of oil and gas in the northern city.

The correspondent pointed out that armed confrontations occurred in Deir al-Zour city, what resulted in the death of 25 gunmen near al-Rawda mosque and 15 others in al-Jbeileh neighborhood

In Homs, Breaking News reporter said that Syrian Army seized large amounts of arms that were ready to smuggle to al-Khalidia in al-Ghouta orchards

The reporter said that the arms were pit in boxes, of which the destination of the arms are written on each box, where some boxes were written on, “al-Nusra Front and al-Islam Brigade”

Our correspondent stated that the seized arms contain:

Three Stinger missiles – 15 thousand machineguns bullets – 5 thousand Kalashnikov bullets, 48 RPG shells, 30 RPG stuff

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