Larijani: ‘IRGC must use scientific methods’

The Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Ali Larijani, has emphasized that the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) must use scientific methods and research in its defense of revolutionary and Islamic values.
According to IRIB World Service, speaking at a special award-giving ceremony to selected outstanding researchers at the Imam Hussein Military University, part of the IRGC, Ali Larijani emphasized on strengthening and expanding the “capabilities of the IRGC”.
He said: “The movement for religious democracy in this region has grown considerably because regional peoples look upon the Islamic Republic of Iran as a role model”.
Turning to IRGC’s role in safeguarding and protecting the values of the Islamic Revolution, Ali Larijani reminded the audience that fighting oppression is another key yardstick of Iran’s Islamic Revolution which has spread in the region.
In further comments, the Majlis speaker referred to Iran’s scientific and technological progress, particularly in peaceful civilian nuclear technology and in missile technology. Ali Larijani pointedly added: “If Iran’s scientific progress was insignificant, then the enemies would not have been as agitated as they are today, and they would not have shown as much sensitivity as they have done. Iran is crossing a scientific and technological threshold, and this makes the enemies sensitive and it makes them worried”.
In further comments, Ali Larijani said: “Before the victory of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, no one was talking about taking on and fighting the Zionist regime of Israel, this is because the Arabs had experienced a string of defeats and the Arabs were demoralized, but after the victory of Iran’s Revolution, Lebanese resistance and Palestinian resistance defeated the Zionist regime, and it is now the Zionists who are demoralized and dejected”.

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