Latest map update of East Ghouta battle


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) scored a big advance in the East Ghouta region, today, capturing several localities from the terrorists of Jaysh Al-Islam.

Led by their elite Tiger Forces and 4th Division, the Syrian Arab Army began the day by capturing the large hilltop of Tal Farzat, which overlooks several towns in the East Ghouta region.

Following the capture of Tal Farzat, the Syrian Army advanced east towards Al-Nashabiyah, kicking out the remaining terrorists entrenched inside the town.

Once Al-Nashabiyah was secured, the Syrian Army imposed full control over the towns of Al-Salihiyah and Hazrama, putting them at the outskirts of nearby Utaya.

The Syrian Army is now heavily shelling Utaya in a bid to force the terrorists to retreat before they storm the town.

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