LBC Referendum: 84.8% Say ‘Yes to Hezbollah Resistance’

The Lebanese journalist Marcel Ghanem posted a vote on the page of ‘Kalam el-Nass’ talk show program on the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) website, asking: Do you suspect a role of Hezbollah in the security bombings?

Even though the question has occupied the Lebanese public, where many believed it was unacceptable and suspicious, but that did not prevent around 30 thousand people to participate in the poll.

The audience of the Lebanese Resistance used every means to express his love and solidarity towards it, whether via Whatsapp messages, Facebook pages or Twitter accounts.

Ghanem announced the results during his Thursday’s episode on LBC, after the Resistance supporters made a spontaneous campaign supporting their pride and dignity:

Do you suspect a role of Hezbollah in security bombings?
Yes 15.2 %
No 84.8 %

Chief of Beirut Center for Research Abdo Saad told Al-Manar website that “the vote results reflect the severe enthusiasm which caused the Resistance supporters to rise up in this way, especially as the result was not in favor of resistance at the afternoon of the same day.”

“This change that has occurred along with the high rate which reached about 85% in favor of the resistance are amazing and express the great will of the people and show that they went on alert themselves and their friends,” Saad added.

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