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Leader of Ummah Imam Khamenei delivers keynote speech on anniversary of Imam Khomeini’s demise


On Thursday, the Iranian nation and all of the followers and devotees of the righteous path and thoughts of the Founder of Islamic Republic of Iran, late Imam Khomeini (May his soul rest in peace) gathered in late Imam’s Holy Shrine to commemorate the memory of this prominent figure.

In this ceremony, which marked the anniversary of demise of late Imam, the Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei, elaborated on the political thoughts of late Imam, which pointing out the opposition of Imam to Global Arrogance as one of the important aspects of his thoughts.

The Leader of Islamic Revolution underscored that despite the threats and sanctions imposed by the enemies, the Iranian nation continues its righteous path toward progress and elevation; with courage, resoluteness, and perseverance, via reliance upon the beliefs and principles of late Imam.

Late Imam, in his political campaign, drew the line between the pure Islam and Americanized Islam, while presenting a role model that changed the fate and destiny of the Iranian nation and drew the path of revolutionary movements and the huge Islamic awakening current.

Late Imam, within the framework of his enlightening thoughts and in-depth views, foresaw many of the current challenges. He knew that the policy of Global Arrogance is to cause discord and ethnic and sectarian strife among Muslims. The manifestations of this current are evident in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. To this end, the suppressive regimes in the region such as the Saudi regime, which is widely dependent upon the support of the US and the colonial current, don’t take the smallest step to boost the interests of Islam and have in fact caused the separation of the followers of Islamic denominations by stirring violence, seditions, and adopting fascist behavioral patterns and stances.

The Leader of Islamic Revolution went on to explain the reason behind continuation of the enemies’ conspiracies against the Iranian nation and emphasized that the foes are intent on obstructing the Islamic Revolution and the sacred Islamic system from moving forward.

Meanwhile, the sacred Islamic establishment has stood firm in the global arena, defending its rights and the rights of oppressed nations against bullying powers.

In further remarks, the Leader of Islamic Revolution pointed out that today the sacred Islamic system is opposed to the crimes and barbarism committed by the terrorist outfit, dubbed ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (ISIL), to the same extent that it is opposed to the brutality of US police against African-Americans, and any sort of injustice including the siege of Gaza, suppression of anti-regime protests in Bahrain, and bombardment of the people of Yemen.

In regard to political dynamism, the sacred Islamic system has held more than 30 elections in the past 37 years, with huge turnouts, manifesting the political capacities of the sacred Islamic establishment, and proving that the thoughts of late Imam continue to be dynamic and efficient.

The fact of the matter is that the political thoughts of late Imam continues to be followed by the third generation of the Islamic Revolution, and the regional and international community, twenty-seven years after Imam’s demise.

These are parts of the irrefutable facts that have taken shape and materialized within the framework of the everlasting characteristics of the Founder of Islamic Republic of Iran, late Imam Khomeini (May his soul rest in peace).

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