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Leader urges support for Ahmadinejad’s strong suits

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution sheds light on the recent course of events in Iran, urging the nation to stand by the administration of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, in a Wednesday meeting with university students and elites, said that the Islamic establishment will not fall short of expectations in dealing with those who have mistreated the detainees.

“Be sure that no crime or atrocity will go unpunished, but with issues of that importance the judiciary should rule based on solid evidence. Even if there are instances supporting some of the rumors that have been spread, those instances cannot constitute a basis for judicial rulings,” the Leader said in a meeting with a group of university students in Tehran on Wednesday.

“The establishment [the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran] should take broad actions only after taking into consideration all aspects of the issues, and avoiding assessing the situation only from one dimension. And any logical mind that views all the aspects of the recent actions [of the government] and [all aspects of] the future actions will be convinced [that the government has made the right choices].”

“Irregularities and atrocities have been committed during the aftermath of the elections, crimes that will be certainly dealt with,” the Leader said referring to the reports of the killings that took place at the notorious Kahrizak detention center, south of the capital Tehran.

Ayatollah Khamenei, in late July, ordered the closure of the detention center for its “substandard” facilities.

The Leader also called for a probe into the complaints made by some detainees who claimed that they had been subjected to harsh interrogation techniques at the center.

“The attacks on the university dorms were crimes which have required a special inquiry, so that the culprits, regardless of their affiliations, can be brought to justice.”

“I appreciate the work of the police and the Basij in dealing with the riots, but this does not mean that some of the crimes which occurred will not be dealt with. Any member of the two bodies who has violated a law or committed a crime should be dealt with,” the Leader said.

Ayatollah Khamenei added that “we should, however, make a distinction between these crimes and the turmoil created after the country’s June 12 elections.”

“Some people — who tend to turn a blind eye to the oppression of the people, the Islamic establishment and the tarnished reputation of the establishment — seem to portray the Kahrizak issue as the main problem, whereas this on its own is another form of oppression against the nation.”

“The Islamic establishment, with its achievements during the past couple of years, had reached the crucial stage of gaining regional and international reputation and the 85 percent participation of the nation [in the elections] increased the country’s standing [in the world],” the Leader said.

“However, suddenly a move – which in my opinion has been engineered – was made to destroy this epic event,” Ayatollah Khamenei added.

“I don’t accuse the leaders of the recent incidents of being affiliated with foreign countries, including the United States and Britain, since the issue has not been proven to me,” the Leader said.

“However, there is no doubt that this move has been engineered, whether those responsible for it know it or not. Although the conspirators were not sure of their success, some post-election incidents gave them hope.”

“They therefore reinforced their presence on the stage by deploying all their media and electronic resources.”

“The enemy however, has misinterpreted ‘the Iran issue’ and does not know the people of Iran,” the Leader added.

“This is why they have not lost hope although they have been slapped on the face by the Iranian people.”

The Leader continued that although the Islamic establishment did anticipate that some developments would take place after Iran’s presidential elections, “it did not expect certain figures to get involved.”

Ayatollah Khamenei called on the Iranian nation to support the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

“The current administration and the respected President himself, like any other human being, have their strong and weak points. And I only support the strong points.”

“Emphasizing the weak aspects will only result in painting a bleak picture [of the president].”

“Publicly condemning the weak points will not necessarily solve the problem. Therefore, logically speaking, only when there is no other solution one should take a public stance against the weak points,” the Leader concluded.

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