Lebanese Army Commander: Be Ready to Face Israeli & Terrorist Threats

On 77th Independence Day, the Lebanese Army Commander, General Joseph Aoun, delivered the order of the day to soldiers, stressing that they are a main pillar of national sovereignty.

“Seventy-seven years of independence, and Lebanon is currently at a delicate and difficult stage on political, economic and social levels, and the port disaster added more pressure to the situation that accompanied the Corona pandemic. However, we are confident that, with our unity and solidarity, we will go through this stage, just as we rose above the crises that wrecked our country in previous phases.”

“Be alert and fully prepared to face Lebanon’s foes, as the Israeli enemy does not hesitate to issue threats to attack our land, its hostile intentions towards us have not stopped, and the terror cells that have not stopped planning to tamper with our internal stability,” General Aoun said, “The bet is on you in the face of these dangers, so there is no toleration for those who tamper with the security and stability of our country, and there is no toleration for those who attempt to undermine the supreme national interest and tamper with civil peace.”

“LAF, with official and popular support and consensus, is fighting the battle of rights and resources through indirect technical negotiations with the Israeli enemy to demarcate the maritime borders, with firm resolve so that national sovereignty will not be compromised.”

“We have made and we will make sacrifices after sacrifices, give martyr after martyr, and martyrdom will only increase our strength, resilience and insistence to continue performing national duties,” General concluded.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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